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Participating in “I&E HACKATHON”
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  Innovative & Enterprising Hackathon, an online event hosted by Nanyang Technological Institute (NYP), was successfully held from 1 pm to 5 pm (GMT + 8 pm) on March 10-11, 2022. More than 500 students, who are mainly in the undergraduate program from School of Nursing, School of Medical Science, School of Liberal Arts and Education, School of Business, School of Engineering Science, and School of Computer Science and Technology in Shandong Xiehe University, participated in this activity.  

   In the beginning, a young couple, Despoina at 23 and Deivids at 24, led the students to have a tour of an old farm which was built in 1817. Despoina and Deivids gave the antiquated farmhouse a new life by renovating it, which just tells the meaning of sustainable development. Then, Dan Levitt, the CEO of Kin Village and a lecturer in geriatrics, shared his thoughts on innovation and environment friendly. Next, June See, a manager from the ALBA Group, talked about the ways to manage various waste materials including garden waste, general recyclable waste, shoe waste, and e-waste, and how to reuse waste, proposing “Creating a future where today’s trash is tomorrow’s treasure!” Besides, during this online activity, the participated students worked out some solutions for the specific tasks. SXU Gp6, represented by Li Yixiao majored in Business English, won the 2nd Runner Up Team. Students from Singapore, China, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States communicated and exchanged views and ideas with each other in a warm and amicable atmosphere.

    The leaders of SXU gave the students much encouragement and support to participate in this online event. This "I&E HACKATHON activity broadened the vision of the students, which would give them a profound impact on the perspective of innovation and enterprise in their careers in the long term.



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